Why I Became Vegan? (Plant-based)


Don’t worry, I am not here to preach, however, I am guessing you must be interested in Veganism if you clicked on the post!

Let me give you a run down of pre-vegan me;

  • Told I had an intolerance to dairy around 3 years old, therefore didn’t drink milk.
  • Ignored all advice and scoffed my face with all the cheese I could find.
  • Lived for Domino’s Pizza, Subway, KFC, pretty much all junk food until I was around 22 years old (I am currently 26 as I write this). My subway of choice was Italian BMT with extra cheese and extra mayo.
  • Starting gradually eating healthier around 22 onwards.
  • Fussy meat eater, only ate chicken, pork and beef. I have never eaten Lamb or Duck etc.
  • The beginning of this year I tried going vegetarian. I lasted 4 months then ate chicken again, but no other meat (apart from in USA on holiday).

So, I have been vegan for over a month now. But what made me go vegan you ask? Well let me to you.

I should note that due to being a newbie to the vegan world, I am focusing on food for the most part at the moment. I haven’t gotten rid of any clothing/bags/skincare that isn’t vegan as of yet. I will probably donate a lot of it, keep some (the hella expensive stuff) and give some to friends. But obviously, I will make a conscious effort to not purchase anymore.

I was the type of person who rolled their eyes at vegans because I thought they were a bit barmy. I knew nothing about vegans, other than the negative information usually put on social media or the TV about one crazy vegan who did this crazy thing. I based my thoughts solely on that… which yes I now realise, was very narrow minded. As I was a part-time vegetarian (aka not a very good one), I did wonder how vegans survived. They must live of broccoli right? I hate broccoli. So, one day I was wondering around Sainsbury’s (where I’d not shopped before), and noticed the free from dairy section in the cold isle. I wondered over there (knowing I am not really meant to eat dairy) to see what they had. There were loads of options. I picked up some vegan cheese and mayo and then thought to myself, ‘ I wonder if I can do a whole shop that is vegan?’, so that is what I did. It turned out to be a lot easier than I expected and also a lot cheaper. I then realised of course it was cheaper, meat ain’t cheap girl.

That evening, I got home and started thinking ‘maybe vegans are not all crazy…’. I went onto Youtube on my TV and typed in ‘vegan’. I then spent the next few hours watching videos that horrified me. I’d always claimed to be an animal lover, after watching the videos and then reading everything I could find online, I felt like a total hypocrite. I also then completely understood ‘The Vegan Rage‘.

The Specific Reasons I went Vegan:

  • The images/videos of factory farming
  • The health benefits many people felt they had experienced after going vegan
  • The environment

First off, factory farming. Now, I know that not all meat and dairy comes from factory farming. However, when you are eating out, you have no idea where that meat or dairy comes from and it could quite easily be factory farmed. The images I witness will truly never leave my mind. I went from a cheese fanatic and a lover of fried chicken (I feel sick writing that now), to vegan over night after seeing what factory farming entailed.

I then read some of the guide lines for free range farming, and it seemed to vague and still pretty unpleasant for the animals. It still wasn’t something I wanted animals to go through. Now, you may call be thick, but it never entered my head that cows need to be pregnant to make milk. Yes, as obvious as that may seem to me now, it did not even enter my head. When I saw videos of calves being removed from their mothers and the mother  trying to follow and mooing in quite obvious distress, I burst into tears. Yes, maybe it’s because I am a new mother that it struck such a cord to me, but I just sat and thought ‘why the f*** would anyone want that to happen when there is almond milk is available?’. Then I starting looking at food ingredients and realised that milk is bloody everywhere! Milk and egg seem to be in the ingredients sections of 99% of food. Thank god for alternatives. I also had no idea that male chickens are really needed so often get grinded up as chicks, sometimes gassed… if humans are feeling nice.

vegan pexels 8

The second thing I did was watch ‘What the health’ on Netflix. Now I’m not saying that everything in the documentary is going to be 100% on point, however, if even 5% of it was true, I’m staying the hell away from meat, dairy and eggs. Especially meat and dairy. I won’t go into all the health aspects, just watch the documentary and you’ll see what I mean. I will say, that since being vegan (I will make a post on this), my previous digestive problems have completely disappeared! I have also only had one tiny spot which was when I was on my period (I usually get loads on my chin during this time).

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 11.26.10

Finally the environment. Of course, being vegan doesn’t mean you are an angel and don’t contribute to environmental damage. However, I do like that I am contributing less than I was as a meat eater. There is also lots of information on environmental factors within What The Health too.

vegan pexels 6

Personally, I’d say that if you were considering going vegan, just Youtube some videos, watching Netflix documentaries, read Skinny Bitch and make up your mind from there. I was pretty scarred from what I saw and that made me go vegan overnight but I know a lot of people do it gradually. Get all the information you can and make an informed decision for yourself. After watching the videos, I no longer saw meat as food, I saw meat as a dead animal and I definitely do not crave dead animal flesh. My variety of what I eat has actually increased, not decreased and my health has improved. I also now don’t feel guilty when I walk past a cow!

Resources to have a look at:


I am going to make some more posts like this, such as how I went Vegan and what has happened since being Vegan, so if you want to see that then don’t forget to follow!

Have a wonderful day,

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